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Wydarzenie Roku. Kongres ISOCARP w Gdyni w dniach 23-26.09.2014 r.

Gdynia, Poland, hosts the 2014 ISOCARP Congress

Founded in 1965, the International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISOCARP) has grown to become a global network of city and regional planners, creating and sharing knowledge for better cities, promoting education and planning practice, and supporting city and regional planners in all places and all fields of activity – professional practice, administration, policy making, teaching and research.

ISOCARP’s main event is the annual World Congress, which focuses on a planning theme of foremost international interest. The Congress takes place in a different city every year. ISOCARP has held congresses on vital topics in the field of city and regional planning in every year since 1965. Combining a unique, triple perspective in theory, policy and practice, ISOCARP has pioneered the focus of the planning profession on issues such as regional urban planning (1966), urban regeneration (1981), planning for land and water (1998), the creative economy (2005) and low carbon cities (2009).Kongres